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Members of The Old Potato House Gang home brew club seen in our tap room November 2016(Photo credit: Paul Lamoreau - Beer Commonsewer)

As we sit here enjoying a pint of our freshly released Christmas Ale, we reflect on the last six years. First Mile Brewing has come a long way. Seven years ago, The Guys were part of a home brew club touting fifteen members. They would meet once a month, brew a small batch of beer and each member would end up with a gallon of brew at the end of the process. Their meeting location of choice is now our current tap room, back when it was plywood floors and unfinished drywall. By the summer of 2017, five had branched off and First Mile Brewing was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

We celebrated our sixth anniversary week with lots of activities. Our first cribbage tournament was a hit. Definitely plan to see more of these moving forward. We also had a fun trivia night, delicious bread and beer pairing flights, a fun Christmas gnome Crafty Sipping and both Travis Cyr and Lance Ouellette entertained us with their talent.

Days after our anniversary week, we celebrated another milestone. Nate and Matt got together to brew our 500th batch of beer! We thought it would be fun for our first head brewer and current head brewer to tag team on a fresh batch of Woods Ride #3. We are all in agreement our brew system - and brewer - are both a bit taller than the ones we started with. Thankfully they both have big talent in making delicious beer.

We have had much progress on our wall remodel. Construction has been coming along well and we are enjoying the new vibe. There is still more work to be done but we are looking at a snazzy new wall for Christmas.

Stay tuned for Mug Club renewal news!


December 9: 7P Streaming UMaine Men's Black Bear Hockey

December 16: 1P Beers with Santa (Photo ops, cookie decorating, ornament crafts, cookie and beer flights)

December 28: 6P Travis Cyr


Brewed: Map 67, Harry Porter, Woods Ride #3, Seltz-ahh, Lonesome Trail Ale

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