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We were Santa's Elves

Perhaps we embraced Christmas just a little too early this year with the early snowfall because it sure is not feeling like Christmas now. Our friends in the Southern and Western parts of the state have definitely been weighing on our minds this week.

Even before all the white stuff melted, we infused some holiday cheer in the tap room Saturday with a visit from the jolliest of them all! Our tasting room briefly turned into Santa's workshop. Jodi never had the opportunity to put out the cookie decorating station but she did manage to set up a couple ornament creation stations and make hot cocoa before the tables had filled with kiddies in anticipation of Santa's visit.

We also had delicious Cookie & Beer Pairing Flights. If you are feeling adventurous or Santa would love for cookies and beer in your house on Christmas Eve, you can give these a try at home too.

First up, citrus is a wonderful accompaniment flavor with Something Witty. These Orange Cream Cookies were delightful with a light flavor and rich cream cheese frosting.

Big Black Russian Imperial Stout required a rich flavor to go with. We decided on these Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Jodi's baking notes: She did not melt the butter as instructed in the recipe. She creamed the butter and sugar as she normally would with cookies and then added a splash of heavy cream to help thin out the batter to her liking. These cookies definitely fit the bill on rich.

Beers with Santa clearly needed our seasonal Christmas Ale. After sampling Qulu Kitchen Christmas Ale sourdough bread with her hints of molasses and ginger, we agreed the flavor profiles complimented each other perfectly so made these Old-Fashioned Ginger Snaps. Side note - You can find Qulu Kitchen breads for sale in our tasting room fresh every Saturday.

Lastly, we are all looking to the sky for snow. While Mother Nature does not appear to be providing any for the near future, Nate has us covered with First Snow on tap. First Snow required another citrus masterpiece. These Lemon Crinkle Cookies did not disappoint.


Brewed: Valley Haze, Something Witty, La Creme

Packaged: Woods Ride #3, Harry Porter, Lonesome Trail Ale

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