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Summertime Surprises??

As I sit here, dripping sweat from the sweltering humidity of today's 87-degree weather, I can't help but remember the SNOW that fell JUST LAST TUESDAY here in Fort Kent. Summer seems to have slipped its way into Aroostook County overnight--and not a moment too soon, either. To commemorate the much-anticipated seasonal shift, we have some interesting tidbits of FMB information to share with all of you:

1) Blueberry Witty is back in stock!

A few of you might remember the last time we had Blueberry Witty in stock--but, since our previous inventory lasted a mere ninety minutes, we can't blame you if you don't! A twist on our best-selling crowd favorite, Blueberry Witty combines our classic Belgian witbier with Maine's favorite fruit: blueberries. This time, instead of a handful of 4-packs, we made a whole batch of it. You won't be able to find this one in stores, so swing by our taproom between Wednesday and Saturday, or request a home delivery* via our online store!

2) Big Black gets barrel-aged!

Our anniversary beer is pretty darn delicious in its own right, but we've set out to make it even better. Last week, we transferred just over 50 gallons of Big Black into an American Oak bourbon barrel that previously held maple syrup. That's right: maple bourbon barrel-aged Big Black is happening. You aren't dreaming. It's as real as the Pavlovian salivation you and I are both undoubtedly experiencing. Six months from now, we'll release our barrel-aged anniversary beer alongside its traditional stainless-aged counterpart--and we'll let you be the judge of which one's better. (Shout-out to River Drive Cooperage for the barrel!)

(If you weren't already salivating, the empty barrel smelled just like fresh-made waffles...)

3) We're preparing to open again! (eventually...)

As per state mandate, breweries statewide have the green light to reopen on July 1st. While a bit later than originally anticipated, this has us slated to reopen right in line with Independence Day weekend! Social distancing will continue to be required, but to make this easier for our beloved customers, we have plans to build out a patio space off of our entryway. So, if you are as excited as we are to have a proper First Mile beer, poured straight from the tap, rest assured that we're only a month away from that reality. In the meantime, we have been busy restocking your local restaurants with FMB beer, so continue to support local by stopping into your favorite eatery and enjoy one of our awesome brews there instead!

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