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Ho Ho Ho

There will always be debate through the month of November when the topic of Christmas comes along. Some have delightedly started putting up their Christmas trees and decking their halls. Others vehemently declare this to be insane and Christmas must wait until December! Down in the brew house, Nate had to embrace Christmas regardless of his own personal feelings on it all. On Monday, he brewed up the 2023 batch of Christmas Ale. Whether you celebrate the moment you remove Halloween cobwebs or wait until you have stuffed yourself like a turkey, there is no debate as to our excitement to see this seasonal delight every year.

If you have been by the tap room this week, you have noticed construction happening on

the outside wall. While we are saddened to see the mural go, we are looking forward to what

Curtis and his crew from Home Solutions assemble for us. We are hoping the weather holds out so they can finish up before Thanksgiving and our 6th Anniversary celebration!

While on the topic of our 6th Anniversary, SAVE THE DATE! We are looking to celebrate all week this year. Amanda starts us off on Wednesday November 22 with trivia and our Big Black Imperial Stout released in bottles. Big Black Imperial Stout will be released on tap Saturday November 25. We will close out celebrations with Lance Ouellette in the tap room for the evening. As always, we will have special treats created with our beer, hourly drawings and lots of fresh beer flowing on tap!

Lastly, Dr Lahren has been on an organization spree in the basement. He recently found a stack with cases of growlers. Their back story: these growlers were ordered for the Fort Kent Fire and Rescue Department in early 2020 on special order. FKFR was planning to use them for an event they were hosting in March. Enter COVID and the world shutting down so the growlers have been hiding in a far away dark corner, collecting dust completely forgotten about. We are pulling them out of storage and looking to fill these beauties up! Beginning Thanksgiving Day until New Years Eve, every FKFR growler we fill, First Mile Brewing will donate the growler deposit to their department! If you would like to have a growler as a collector item, you can snag an empty one as well for only the cost of deposit.


Brewed: Christmas Ale

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