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Fall Grand Menage?

Fall feels like it has rolled on through fairly quickly this year. Winter preparations are in full swing all across the region. This looks different for everyone. Some of us received our firewood deliveries. Some have filled their heating oil. Leaves have been raked, Gardens cleared out.

For First Mile Brewing, cold weather preparations involved taking down our outdoor seating. It also involves DISCOUNTED BEER. Say what? You read correctly! To make room for our winter seasonals, we are dropping the price on some of our warm weather favorites to do so. Summer favorites Canoe Floater and Mother Pucker cans have all been dropped in price to only $10.00 a 4 pack. Haskap Berry Ale is now $5 a pint and $10.00 cans to go. You will only find this deal while supplies last so come get them before they are gone for the season!

In need of entertainment this weekend?

We have Travis Cyr coming to the tap room on Friday, October 27 from 6:00 to 8:00. We could easily be convinced to stream Warrior soccer on Saturday. (Let's face it. The forecast looks wet and gloomy as per usual for every Saturday known to 2023. If you would rather a warm, dry place to cheer on the Warrior Ladies, we have got you.) And finally, you will find us at Riverside Park for Trunk or Treat on Sunday from 11:00 to 1:00 with our Witches Brew.


Brewed: O'Kelly's Irish Red, First Snow

Packaged: Valley Haze, Seltz-ahh

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