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Beer Spotlight : Woods Ride

"No two rides are ever quite the same." In the case of our rotating, experimental NEIPA series, this couldn't be more true. Repping a consistent malt bill, yielding an ABV of 6.3%, Woods Ride reinvents its hops schedule with every iteration.

With a large proportion of flaked grains, but only a comparably modest helping of caramel malts, this New England-style IPA touts a hazy, golden complexion that prominently showcases the hop-balanced flavors and aromas, imparted at various points in the brewing process. Woods Ride #3 displays mild bitterness with juicy, citrus-forward flavors, while Woods Ride #2 favors a stronger bitterness with earthy and floral tones. Some iterations favor heavy-dry hopping schedules, while others focus on boil and whirlpool additions. There are no rules when it comes to adding hops to our Woods Ride creations, making each one unique from the last.

Thus far, Woods Ride has four iterations--three of which are available in cans! And, speaking of cans, did you know that our cans are available for sale online? Check out our online store, where we offer a wide range of 4-packs for in-house pickup and local delivery (currently servicing all Aroostook County communities!) Don't live in the County, but still want to partake in the hype? We are also offering various merchandise options, ranging from glassware to t-shirts, available for purchase online with the option to ship!

Once again, we thank you all for your unwavering support amidst the shelter-in-place order. We look forward to seeing all back in the taproom, congregating and making merry, as per usual once the shenanigans come to an end.

On the bright side, we continue to keep traditions alive by offering our first-ever online trivia event! Tonight at 7pm, Amanda will be hosting a trivia live-stream on our Facebook Page. The theme is "All Things First Mile." All is fair game. Nothing is off-limits. (That last part's not true, but just barely.) Winner gets a prize!

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