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All the little ghouls and gals needed extra layers to Trick or Treat this year after we received our first snowfall of the season Monday. It appears Nate took down our outdoor seating just in time.

Before the snow came the frigid cold! Travis and Jodi spent some time shivering with the rest of the crowd at Fort Kent Parks & Rec's annual Trunk or Treat on Sunday. They handed out candy and Witches Brew Beer to those who braved the cold Some kiddies were uncertain, perhaps worried we were trying to turn them into toads, but most enjoyed their beverage after being reassured it was actually just root beer. There were a great deal of very creative trunks and several really fun costumes!

Friday, we will be streaming our Lady Warriors and Warriors semi-final soccer games for those who would prefer cheer our local soccer stars on in a warm location. Sergio will be pouring with a great lineup with charcuterie boxes ready for snack dinner for our soccer fans. Lady Warriors play at 3:00. Warriors play at 5:00.

We were recently made aware our online shop is looking pretty poorly. Images are missing. Items are disappearing. Expired items are visible. We apologize for any confusion this creates while working on getting the site repaired in the coming week.

We also have some construction happening on the exterior of the building in the very near future. This will restrict some of our parking area for use temporarily. We apologize for our appearance and thank everyone for their patience during the completion of this project.


Brewed: Miff McElroy's Rusty Elbow, Backwoods Ale

Packaged: O'Kelly's Irish Red

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