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New Merch! Fall Beers! Huzzah!!

Howdy, folks!

It has been quite some time since we last posted one of these, hasn't it? What's it been, a whole season? Fear not, for we have hardly been sitting idly all summer! For example, many of us were busy sipping on a can of Canoe Floater know... floating in a canoe, while others among us were actively crushing a pint or two of Northwoods IPA after a long know...deep in the North Maine Woods...

And yet, among all these summertime shenanigans, we still found ample time to push out more beer than ever before!

Now that we're trading in the sunshine and swim trunks for changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, we've got some awesome updates to share with you about what's going on at First Mile Brewing. First and foremost: we've got new merch! From ¾-sleeve baseball tees to sport ½ zips to hunter orange baseball caps, we are newly-stocked with plenty of branded merchandise to suit your autumnal activity requirements—whether that be cashing in on your moose tag, cheering on the local soccer team, or toasting marshmallows by the campfire. Can't make it into our taproom to check out the selection? Go check out our online store instead! Not only has our website's shop been revamped to include our new merchandise offerings, but we are also shipping NATIONWIDE! That's right, now you can purchase that First Mile hoodie you've always wanted and have it delivered to you—in the comfort of your ranch house in Texas, or your houseboat in Florida, or even your communal yurt in northern California!

Also, we recently released a couple of our favorite fall beers: Oktoberfest and Rusty Elbow! These amber-hued beverages are sure to please on these frosty fall evenings that are rapidly becoming more common, whether you choose to grab a pint, here in our taproom, or pick up a 4-pack at one of your local participating stores. Not sure where to find one of these elusive 4-packs? Check out our website, where we provide a growing list of stores and restaurants that offer our brews for sale.

In closing, we thank you all for your persistent and stalwart support. In spite of an on-going global pandemic, First Mile Brewing continues to experience market growth beyond our best expectations—and it's all thanks to your collective imbibery. Remember to leave a like on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and don't forget to #showusyourFMBcans!

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