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Did You Know? We Sell Cans!

Since May 2019, First Mile Brewing Co. has been putting out its quality beer in cans. All of our canned beer is sold in four packs of "pounders," or 16oz cans. Each style of beer promotes a uniquely colored, locally-designed label, providing the well-informed consumer of product's ABV, IBUs, and featured grains. And, of course, emblazoned on the front of each can is our unmistakable brand. So far, only about a dozen of our beers feature specifically-designed labels, but that number will certainly increase as new recipes gain popularity among our customers (plus, we have blank labels specifically for our limited-release specialty beers--although we must admit that we prefer our can design's gorgeous typeface to our own shoddy handwriting!) Within the coming weeks, we also plan to offer mix-and-match 4-packs for sale in our taproom. Have a favorite beer, but also want to try something new? Stress not--we've got you covered.

Canning beer marks a special moment of growth in our little company's progress. Since all cans are filled, sealed, and labeled by hand, the job was far too vast for our head brewer, Ezra, to handle on his own. Thus, the modest brew staff of one doubled in size. Enter Nate: our assistant brewer! Since Nate joined our crew in August, we now keep anywhere from four to twelve beer options in 4-packs for sale in-house. Also, as of November 2019, we also distribute cans to several restaurants and convenience stores throughout Aroostook County--both here in the St. John Valley and also in the Caribou/Presque Isle region!

(Below: Ezra, our elusive head brewer, calm and at peace in his natural habitat)

As we roll into 2020, our next goal is to tap into the last remaining Aroostook County market: Houlton. Soon enough, anyone jumping off the northern terminus of Interstate 95 will have immediate access to our fantastic beers, so keep an eye out for future posts in this regard!

Current can locations:

  • First Mile Brewing Co. taproom (Fort Kent)

  • FK Golf Course (Fort Kent, when in season)

  • R&M Country Store(Eagle Lake)

  • Roy's Variety (St. Agatha)

  • Inn of Acadia (Madawaska)

  • Route 1 BBQ (Madawaska)

  • Long Lake Sporting Club (Sinclair)

  • Martin's General Store (Sinclair)

  • R&J Market (Fort Fairfield)

  • Merchants on the Corner (Presque Isle)

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