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Celebrate July 4th with FMB!

Howdy folks! With Maine summer well underway, I need not remind you that a hot, sunny day by the lake is nigh perfected with the addition of some First Mile beer. Yes, everybody knows this already, I understand... but, what you might not know is that we will be serving beer in the taproom from 12-4 this Saturday! Nothing says freedom quite like a growler of Something Witty or a 4-pack of La Creme Biere. Well, perhaps not as well as a bald eagle toting twin AR-15s against an American flag backdrop...but we don't sell those here! So come say hello to Ericka this July 4th, and grab some refreshments for the camp on your way out. Might I suggest trying out our newly-packaged Canoe Floater? (we hear it's Amanda's favorite...)

If you don't happen to find yourself in the taproom on the 4th, no sweat! We supply a number of local stores and restaurants with our exceptional refreshments, so feel free to stop in at any one of these locations instead before the holiday festivities begin:


Now that stores have been reopening steadily over the last month, we have decided to discontinue home delivery. BUT, our online store still remains open, and we are more than happy to ship our merchandise to you--regardless of your location!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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