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Beer Spotlight: Mother Pucker

IT'S BACK, MOTHER PUCKER! Voted First Mile's most popular beer, Mother Pucker once again graces the cooler shelves here in the taproom. A seasonal sensation, this lemon wheat ale hearkens the return of green grass, backyard barbecues, lakeside shenanigans, and all-around simpler times.

The epitome of summer refreshment, each batch of Mother Pucker features fresh squeezed lemon juice and hand-zested lemon peel from 280 lemons--a labor of love that translates immaculately via prominent citrus aroma, a tart, semi-dry palate, and a crisp finish. A strong backbone of wheat malt, along with a hefty addition of flaked wheat, gives the summer ale a hazy appearance and a full-bodied mouthfeel. The citrus notes are further accentuated by Lemon Drop hops added during the boil.

Given the apparent popularity of this beverage, we are going to ease into sales with a bit of flair: for the remainder of this week, Mother Pucker will be EXCLUSIVELY offered for sale in the taproom and on our online store. Come visit Nate at the bar, which he will be tending vigilantly from 3:30pm to 6pm, Wednesday thru Friday, and Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm. Or, better yet, have him deliver it to your doorstep like the royal beverage connoisseur that you are. Go ahead. Treat yourself. We know you want to.

Also, in case you were curious about what we've been up to all these past weeks, let's just say we've been...busy:

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