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Beer Spotlight: Lonesome Trail Ale

Our first beer spotlight is Lonesome Trail Ale. Affectionately referred to by customers as "LPT," this hoppy pale ale has a light body and modest alcohol bite, showcasing the resinous, piney esters imparted by the generous late dry-hop of Chinook and Simcoe hops.

One of our original winter brews, Lonesome Trail Ale was the first product distributed beyond the tap room, as well as our first collaborative effort. It derives its name from the local non-profit ski tow, Lonesome Pine Trail, with whom we collaborated. In fact, the only two places where "LPT" can be consumed are the ski tow and the tap room! Both FMB and Lonesome Pine Trails are committed to making a positive change in the local community, so the partnership certainly comes as a no-brainer.

The winter season is traditionally considered "dark beer" season, but customers cannot get enough of our light-bodied pale this time of year (apparently it pairs well with a yard sale and a face full of snow...); winter has only just begun and we've already had to re-brew it to keep up with demand. (Below--our assistant brewer, Nate, assisting with yesterday's mash-in!)

So, while supplies last (and they will not last long,) head on in to the tap room and grab yourself a glass of LPT. Or, head over to LPT and grab yourself a glass of LPT there instead!

(Side note: Blueberry Witty is back on tap in the taproom, and once its gone, its gone!!!)

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