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All in the Family

Anyone whose parents owned a business remembers working at said business as a kid. But, I bet your parents never owned a brewery!

This week, our beloved assistant brewer, Nate, has been gone all week on a skiing vacation. Envious as we all might be, beer has no conception of "vacation" and, alas, the show must go on in his absence.

Conveniently enough, school is out on February break this same week. Enter the Guy children! Abigail and Caleb Guy were both kind enough to come in during their week off to help Ezra with canning: Abigail, featured right, assisted with can seaming, while Caleb, featured back and center, assisted with can labeling. Not shown, but well worth mentioning, is Dylan, who also came in for two days to assist with can filling. Without their help, surely no beer would have made it into cans; however, through a great deal of teamwork, patience, and creativity, the group effort was able to package more than 40 pallets (!!) worth of beer over the course of two days.

When it comes right down to it, these small acts of kindness and generosity are what make First Mile Brewing such a beautiful enterprise.The FMB family is not one of blood, but one of blood, sweat, and tears. Success is not achieved through the efforts of one person alone, but is instead manifest by a collective effort towards one shared goal. To paraphrase a literary exemplar of teamwork: all for great beer, and great beer for all!

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